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"Works great, and the debug view really helped with the pdf css design."

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 You're looking at it! This is a dynamically generated PDF from a live EE site! The current date & time is: 2020-01-22 08:08:47



PDF Press is the easiest way to save your ExpressionEngine® templates from HTML/CSS to PDF. PDF Press is a stand-alone module, you don't need any additional services or 3rd party software.


The syntax is very easy to use, you have the option of using two ExpressionEngine® tags to generate a pdf

  • {exp:pdf_press:save_to_pdf} – generates a link to download the template as a PDF and it has the following parameters:
    • path (optional) – accepts an ExpressionEngine® path to convert to a PDF, if no path is given, then the current page will be used
    • filename (optional) – specifies the filename for the downloaded PDF
    • size (optional) – specifies the paper size for the output PDF file see (ex. ‘letter’, ‘legal’, ‘a5’, etc). You can view all of the available sizes by checking under the “Size” dropdown of the PDF Preview tab
    • orientation (optional) – specifies the orientation of the content, either “portrait” (default) or “landscape”
    • attachment (optional) – this parameter controls whether the PDF will be automatically downloaded (attachment=1) or whether the PDF will be opened in the browser (attachment=0).
  • {exp:pdf_press:parse_pdf}...{/exp:pdf_press:parse_pdf} – this tagpair will create a PDF file using whatever HTML & EE tags are inside the tagpair. This is useful for logged in / member only pages. It has the same parameters as “save_to_pdf” (except for ‘path’)



User Guide

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Save PDFs today for a one-time fee of $30, secure checkout, 100% money back guarantee.


Get it Now! $30 Get the 5-Site License, $99